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Leicester Mercury 27 March 2008

Cooking up charity cash

A restaurant boss has launched an ambitious appeal to raise £100,000 for charities by
hosting curry nights.

Syed Rahman has raised an estimated £20,000 for a host of local and national causes in the last three years.
Money started rolling in after he held an event in aid of South Asian tsunami syed rahmanvictims in 2005, which raised nearly £3,000.
Since then, supporters of several other charities - including those for cancer, leukaemia and motor neurone disease - have approached him to hold similar nights.

The cash is raised by special events where groups of people pay £15 each for a meal.
Half the money from each night goes to charity and Mr Rahman said the remainder goes towards the restaurant's costs.
Now the boss, who owns and runs Cuisine of India, in Wigston, is hoping to hold enough events to raise a whopping £100,000.

Charities have praised his efforts.
He said: "I like to help people when l can. After we successfully raised money following the tsunami, more and more people started coming in saying they wanted to raise money. I know that having these events means we are getting people coming into our restaurant and we are getting 50 per cent of the money, but I always lose money on these events. It doesn't cover my costs. I don't mind because as long as you are helping others you are gaining. One day we will be leaving this world and we need to ask ourselves how we are helping others."

Among the charities to benefit from curry nights are the Motor Neuron Disease Association, which has received £4,500.
Thousands of pounds have gone to Children with Leukaemia, Rainbow's Children's Hospice and Breast Cancer Care.

A recent event at Cuisine of India raised cash for the stroke unit and intensive care unit at the General Hospital and another curry night will take place on May 12 for Cancer Research UK.
Jane Redman, spokeswoman for Cancer Research UK in Leicester­shire, said she was amazed by Mr Rahman's work. She said: "Raising money in today's financial climate isn't easy, so for Syed to have raised £20,000 is phenomenal. One in three of us will get cancer at some point so it is worth invest­ing in the future and tucking in.
"We are really grateful to Syed for all the work he and his staff have put in to organise this and to his customers for supporting him."

Original article by Gary Mitchell
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