Chef & Spice; A Restaurant For The Community

We strive to maintain a reputation of being more than a restaurant that cooks tasty foods; as we want customers to return again and again. This means that we are always looking into ways that we can improve our services and remain as our customer’s first choice. We also want to be able to give back to the community, as without them we wouldn’t be able to survive and be as successful as we are today.

We understand when customers eat at our restaurant; the atmosphere has to be just right, including everything from tasty, mouth-watering food to excellent customer service.

To ensure our diners are always 100% happy we offer special entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights in form of live magicians; this will provide entertainment during your meal, and will consist of;

Psychological illusions
Story telling of paranormal experiences
Your own experience of the paranormal spirit world
Readings through cards
A full mind-blowing experience from an incredibly talented individual & much more.
We have two regular magicians. Friday nights we have the mind blowing Dr John; who thrives off people who revel in mystery and the unknown. He strives to unnerve and amaze his audience through his ironically natural ability to work with the supernatural world, his talents will not disappoint!

Sean Heydon can be seen at our restaurant on Saturday nights and his abilities, yet still amazing, are completely different to that of Dr John’s. He prefers to use illusions in order to amaze and surprise his audience with a comical twist. His amazing expert illusionist skills are certainly to be envied and we assure you will be thinking just how did he do that - for some time afterward.

To find out more about our live magicians click here. Don’t just take our word for it about their amazing abilities, come and witness them for yourself!

We also give back to the community by hosting regular fundraising evenings. Syed, our owner, dedicates time to ensure these evenings are a success and has helped in raising over £100,000 for charity.

We understand that in order for an event such as this to be a success, substantial amounts of time and effort is needed from everyone who is involved and this is what we give. Great causes need to be acknowledged and anyway in which we can help; we will at a drop of the hat.

Click here to see the past successful fundraising events that we have held and who they have helped.

If you want to raise funds for charity or want to find out more about this give us a call on 0116 242 2240 and talk to someone today!