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We are overjoyed that we reached our target to help to raise £500,000 for local and national charities 2 years ahead of prediction. To read the full article on the journey we have been through, please follow the link below:

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When the end of a stressful week is drawing near, it’s always nice to have some weekend plans to get you out and about, catch up with some friends, or to simply help you relax. Many of us opt for our favourite food dishes. After all, it is the end of

Here at Chef & Spice we are very passionate about two things; that’s serving good food that aims to satisfy and delight our customers, and supporting worthy charity events. In support of these we frequently hold fundraiser events to help raise funds for those in need. One of our most recent events was in held… Read more »

We have two main priorities. Making sure that our customers are happy with food and the service they receive and supporting worthy charity events. We regularly hold fundraising events inside our restaurant; in order to help raise funds for those in need. Our most recent event was held for ‘Stroke Association & Wishes 4 Kids’,… Read more »