Halal Meat – The Concept Behind It

Some argue that when considering the historical principle, the Halal way of preparing meat, is said to be one of the most humane methods available. Saying this, earlier this year a debate sparked when it was revealed that restaurants were allegedly serving Halal meat without customers being made aware. A fast food chain seriously hit the headlines; as it was revealed that they had replaced some of the meats on its stores with Halal. This provoked many animal activists to take a further stand towards the production of Halal meat and challenge its ethics.

These negative beliefs come down to there being a misconception of how Halal meat is prepared.

Britain and Halal Meat

As we all know, Britain is a multi-cultural society and by ensuring certain foods meet the halal regulations, restaurants are making their products available for the UK’s Muslim population.

The latest census has suggested there are 2.7 million Muslims in the UK, with a spending power estimated to be around 20 billion.Banning halal meat due to misconception would not only unable the Muslim community to follow their religious beliefs, but also disadvantage the UK economy.

Halal diets

The meat and poultry served in our restaurant is suitable for Halal diets. We also cater for any other dietary requirements, so please do not hesitate to ask us upon booking.We will try to accommodate any dietary needs of our customers. Ask any member of staff in the restaurant or email your requirements before your arrival.