How Much Does Our Food Really Affect Our Health?

We all know it’s a fact, what we eat and how much we eat affects how we grow, our health, weight and our energy levels. However, is there more to food than we actually realise? Does it have a bigger, more detrimental effect on us right down to the way we think?

Apparently ‘we are what we eat,’ so wouldn’t it be better to know more about what we’re eating? Well we have…

How spice helps

A German Study suggested that some of the cells contained in curry spices actually has something that can act as a brain repairs kit. With this said, does this mean that if we eat specific kinds of foods are we more likely to be able to overcome certain diseases or deal with things in a more appropriate manner?

During this research rats were injected with aromatic-turmerone (a compound found naturally in turmeric). Following this research, scientist said that it caused a proliferation of brain cells and in a separate part of the procedure; there was also rodent stem cells bathes in different concentrations of the extract. (Turmeric belongs to the same plant family as ginger)

What this meant is the cells had a better chance of creating a method to fix problems and repair aspects of them if needed. All in all, making the chance of healing whatever the problem might be. This means if applied to humans, it could be extremely useful; maybe to even help towards healing brain tumours.

Whilst bathing in the stuff probably isn’t advisable, spicy food contains the things needed; so simply eating this kind of food may indeed be a step in the right direction. It won’t give you immunity unfortunately, but it will certainly help, that’s for sure.

Disease is a complex subject

It would be unrealistic to believe that simply eating spices would mean some diseases can be completely avoided. As stated above, it clearly does help, but isn’t a cure as such, however, there is also research that has gone into how spicy food supposedly makes you feel emotionally.

According to scientists, the spices used do in fact make you happier and it is also supposedly a long lasting sensation too. Perhaps, this adds to the ever-growing popularity in curries, but what it certainly means; is that you’ll be able to tackle things in a much more positive motive.

As well as there being evidence to show that there are cells the spices contain things to help you recover from diseases, but you’ll also be in the right frame of mind too. Being in the right mind-set for anything can sometimes be the difference between giving up and fighting for something.

This is not to say that if you believe you can do something that means you will. Of course there is a lot more to it than this, but if you meet things head on and are ready to tackle them then this will definitely be the ideal way to do so.

So if you wish to put these things to the test to see if you think spices make you happier, then why not book a table with us by clicking here. Or call us on: 0116 242 2240.