Stroke Association & Wishes 4 Kids

We have two main priorities. Making sure that our customers are happy with food and the service they receive and supporting worthy charity events.

We regularly hold fundraising events inside our restaurant; in order to help raise funds for those in need. Our most recent event was held for ‘Stroke Association & Wishes 4 Kids’, this had an incredible turn out and we managed to reach the goal of £1000.

Stroke Association
It is estimated that in the UK alone, 152,000 people every year suffer from a stroke. That works out to one stroke every 5 minutes. Whilst most sufferers are 65 and above, it can affect anyone and this includes children and even babies.

Ultimately stroke changes lives. Not only does it affect you, but also friends and family around you. One of the first questions people have is what practical, emotional and financial support is available.

The stroke association aim to provide information for stroke patients and their family/friends and carers. Such information is up-to-date and of a very high quality, covering aspects from how to prevent a stroke to highlighting the common problems patients face after a stroke.

Wishes 4 Kids
Life can be limiting for children who are life restricted, terminally ill, have experienced life-changing physical or emotional traumas and have suffered major abuse or are diagnosed as HIV Positive. Wouldn’t it be great if we could grant them a wish? To enable them to potentially forget about their condition for a short period of time; enabling them to act as they should, like a kid.

Wishes 4 Kids make this a reality for youngsters in and around Leicestershire, who are under the ages of 18. They have already granted wishes for hundreds of children, but they plan on continuing their great work.

Even though we cannot grant a wish for a magical cure, we can still provide a short moment of respire. Such time they will be able to treasure for the rest of their lives and also a time for parents to remember that moment when their youngster forgot the suffering.

Such organisations could not be as successful without the support of those who care and that is why we are so passionate about holding frequent fundraising events in our restaurant.