With the vast amount of wines available on the market; it can prove a bit of a challenge to know which will best compliment a certain curry. Don’t panic! Below, we have put together our top tips, so that you will never be in this situation.

When you are finding the best wine, there are a few factors that should be taken into consideration:

Can you handle the heat?
People often find that it is much easier to match a wine with a mild curry compared with a hot one. Hotter curries tend to contain a lot more chillies and vibrant spices in comparison; making it harder to find a wine that will compliment such a complex taste.

What tickles your fancy?
You have to bear in mind the type of curry you are about to tuck into; is it Indian, Thai, Malaysian etc.? As a wine that works well with one type won’t necessarily work well for another – this is down to the different vibrant spices they use in their dishes.

Refreshing contrasts
A wine that offers a refreshing contrast always works well. For example why not try adding a touch of sweetness to the heat or look for a wine that offers a fresh, palate-cleansing acidity?

What you need to counteract a curry is a refreshing contrast to the blast of heat you get with your food. A touch of sweetness helps, particularly with hotter curries and green curries as does a fresh, palate-cleansing acidity.

You don’t want anything that will emphasise and unbalance the spices in the curry. Ripe fruity red wines can work, but only really for meaty curries i.e. rogan josh, so if you are a vegetarian other wines would be recommended.

Our recommendations
Gewurztraminer – a mildly sweet wine from the Alsace region in France. This would go great with tandoori or rich masala based dishes.

Riesling – Often fruity wines, flavoured with apples, plums and peaches they have a high acidic content and are mildly sweet along with being tart (white wine). Best paired with dishes that are heavy in flavour and spices i.e. rogan Josh.

Rose – These wines are pretty dry. They simulate the depth of a red wine and then white wines which are acidic. They are best paired with meaty dishes like lamb curries.

Pinot Noir – This one is mostly favoured when having any Indian dish. It’s a red wine, smoother and silkier in texture when compared to the high-tannin wines.

Champagne or Sparkling Wines – If you have a rich and creamy curry, or something heavy like saag, balti dishes, champagne goes well, as it offers change of taste to the bubbly acidic texture.

Choosing the correct wine for your Indian curry is always down to your personal preference but these few tips should give you a little guidance.

When eating at our buffet/restaurant we are more than happy to give wine guidance – simply ask one of our staff members and we will recommend the best wine for your particular dish!