Treat your Taste Buds!

We all know that at Chef & Spice great food is provided day in day out. But we also concentrate on what enlightens our customers dining experience. It’s scientifically proven that the taste of food can be influenced by many factors. We take extra care in how our restaurant is presented and what it has to offer to our customers. Here are a few examples into how we do that.

Does the appearance of food really change the taste of food? As a matter of fact it does, unattractive looking food is a major flaw in any pub/restaurant and it instantly puts people off. Here at Chef & Spice we deliver excellent looking food full of rich and vibrant colours to really get your taste buds going! Our passion, particularly being a buffet restaurant, is to ensure our food is fresh and appetising at all times throughout the day, as the appearance affects our dishes. If they do not look fresh it can be a huge put off to our customers.

The smell can also determine the taste of food, taste and smell combine together to create the sensation of flavour. Our selection of spices heightens the customers dining experience before they’ve even tasted it!

Have you ever been out for dinner where no background music was provided? The answer is probably no, the reason is because music can actually affect your taste in food. As bizarre as it sounds, it has actually been scientifically proven that on numerous occasions it improve your dining our experience as it relaxes you – this is something which is not followed through at home either as people now a days eat with the Television on. Why don’t you try changing the television to some music next time. At Chef & Spice we provide a party/function room that is available for your own private night. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions (or anything else you can think of!). This means we can provide great food with great music, of your own choice if you so desire.

If you’re looking for a night of high quality tasting food then head over to Chef & Spice for more information!