Unique Recipes For A Unique Experience At Chef & Spice

We are proud to say that each and every one of our meals goes through a great deal of thought and effort, in order to make it to the standard that we believe customers will find better than satisfactory.

We are also proud to be able to offer such a wide range of different dishes from varying cuisines, meaning that you are most definitely going to find something for you! If Indian food is not your favourite, why not try our Asian or European dishes.

Side dishes are just as important
The quality of our side dishes are just as important as our main – only the finest and freshest ingredients are used, as we understand they finish off any dish. No half measures will do. In our opinion there is no point preparing amazing main dishes, if the rice or naan bread is not up to scratch too!

Our Naan Breads;
Naan bread is something which we know we must get right, as it can complement any Indian dish. Therefore, we not only have a wide selection, but we also ensure they are all very different in order to make them suit different dishes or particular tastes of our customers. The different types we make are;

Plain naan is ideal for those who would like to play it safe, as even though tasty, there isn’t an over powering taste. This naan is fine for vegetarians.

The garlic in the garlic naan adds a little kick and therefore great for those who are bored of plain tastes; but not too adventurous. This naan is fine for vegetarians.

Peshari naans are packed full of either nuts or fruit and therefore are great for people who have a sweet tooth. If you love a bit of contrast then order this naan alongside any hot curry – as the contrast between spicy and sweet is perfect. This naan is fine for vegetarians.

Calling all meat eaters – the Keema naan is the best option for you, because as you may have guessed this naan is filled with Keema meat. The meat adds flavour and oomph to the naan, making it a great additional to any dish! Obviously this naan is not okay for vegetarians!

If you like the sound of all varieties then why not order them all and share between your table! This is not only a great way to not miss out on tastes, but also a very sociable way of dining!