Why you should buffet it this Christmas

It’s that time of year where everybody is in a better mood because it’s nearly the end of the year, and Christmas. It’s the time of year where everyone joins together family, friends and work forces, to celebrate the season, especially as Christmas is the busiest time of year for most businesses, it is a good opportunity to enjoy a night out to let your hair down and celebrate.

So, what are your plans this year? How do you plan on throwing an impressive evening with great food, drink and entertainment? If you’re stuck for ideas then keep reading – we have an idea guaranteed to be make you the most popular boss/friend around!

Book your place at our buffet today for your chance to have a Christmas party to remember. If you bring your guests to our buffet it is guaranteed to go down well, and well, why wouldn’t it?

Let’s be honest, buffets are ideal for big parties and here’s why:


Our buffet is reasonably priced with a set price menu. This mean all members of the party will pay the same amount and they can eat as much as they want. This will save a lot of hassle at the end of the night when it comes to sorting out the bill. It takes away the need of a calculator where everybody adds up what they had to make sure it fair – or saving those arguments where half want to split and the other half don’t.


When there is a big group it is difficult to book a restaurant where the cuisine is suited to everyone. This is why buffets are a great idea as there is guaranteed to be a dish to suit everyone – even the fussiest of eaters.

Why choose Chef and Spice as your Christmas buffet:

Here at Chef and Spice, we not only have a great selection of food and drink but we also have the entertainment and facilities to add to your Christmas party experience. Book with us and ask for our party room for those of you with large parties. We allow you to come and decorate your table as you wish to make your occasion as personal and suited to you.

We also have live entertainment in the evenings which include magicians and music all of which will add the ambiance of your night. So if you want to hold relaxed, enjoyable, stress free Christmas party this year than simply head over to our site here and book your table today! Book fast as spaces are filling up fast!